Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to tame brassy highlights on already dyed hair....?

Against my better judgement, I tried to dye my naturally light brown hair a chocolate brown....$6 and 25 minutes later, my hair was jet black.. I went to a professional to try to restore my natural color and she suggested that since I have very fine hair lighter highlights would be the best method for evening out the color.....the highlights came out this brassy red now I have black hair with red highlights...although she thinks that its the "best work she's ever done" to restore bad dye jobs, I question is:how do I dye brassy highlights on already dyed hair? Can I just use any medium brown hair dye?? I am going for a deep, chocolate colored brown..and this red and black stripey mess won't do... help!!

How to tame brassy highlights on already dyed hair....?

Maybe try using a really dark brown semi permanent dye for a while to cover up the red and make the whole thing look like a more even colour .... that way your hair has a chance to get some of its life back after all that dying!

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